So I know it’s been a long minute since I posted and you must have wondered “where is this chick and what is she up to?”. Well let’s just say life happened. I had finals to prepare for, internships to find and a whole lot of stuff going on. But I do apologize for the lack of posts and I’ll try to improve on my frequency.

Nevertheless, I managed to procure an internship back in Cameroon, my home country, and I’ve been here for approximately 3 – 4 weeks. After holing up in my house for quite sometime, I decided that I was gonna explore my town a little bit more and document some of the places that I would recommend if you ever happened to come by.

A very good friend of mine recommended I go check out this museum, Doual’art, which I would describe as being located at the heart of Bonanjo. Its a hidden little gem which I doubt many people know about, and I think its quite a shame.



The entry to the museum is  free and it is open on Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 6.30 pm. The atmosphere that surrounds the place is very calming and peaceful, but perhaps that was due to the lack of visitors hehe.


img_0610The gallery had a wide variety of paintings made by a few Cameroonian artists such as Tally Mbok, Boris Anje Tabufor and Evelyne Nkolo, all artists with hopes of sharing their vision with the world.

I personally have been there twice and would probably go there again just to admire the paintings or soak up the calming vibes and enjoy the scenery.

Voile Bleu

 ​Hi loves, it’s been a long while hasn’t it? So basically half the year has gone by. I was so swamped with Uni I didn’t even notice how quickly time was flying. I’m still a bit shook when I think its already summer break. Well I guess that means I’ll be posting more frequently here *Hehe*.

  So Last weekend the Squaaaa and I went to this beautiful hotel up North to celebrate my room mates birthday (she’s the one with blonde braids). I just have to say I was very impressed given the fact that I only spent like rs 600 (which is like 12 GBP) for the day package. It included full access to the hotel’s pool, beach, wifi and it also included food which BTW was AMAZEBALLS!!! I wish I had some pictures to show you but we devoured it as soon as we were served. The service was on point too. We were honestly treated like royalty. It made me realize that there’s so much to do on this island before I leave for good. I’ve decided to more exploring. Look forward to the next posts. Have a nice day xx.

My Peripéteia



Hi there, my name is Embelle but most people call me Ember because they find my name hard to pronounce. I’m a Cameroonian currently studying on the island of Mauritius.

Before I came here, I tried to do a little research on the country since I had actually never heard of the place until I knew I was going to go to university there. I scoured the internet in search of all the information I needed, but I was soon disappointed when all I could find about the island was mainly focused on its touristic appeal. There was nothing that showed the lifestyle of the people. The only pictures I could find were of the beautiful sandy beaches and all the hotels in the island. I was suddenly worried that I was going to be thrown into some limbo populated mainly by Indians and tourists. This made me a little anxious but at the same excited by all the possibilities available.

All this to say that I have decided to make this blog to educate people on the country, showing them the lifestyle of an average student; in other words showing you life here on a tight budget. I’m looking forward to share all my adventures with you and I hope I’d inspire you to visit this little beautiful paradise.