Hi there, my name is Embelle but most people call me Ember because they find my name hard to pronounce. I’m a Cameroonian currently studying on the island of Mauritius.

Before I came here, I tried to do a little research on the country since I had actually never heard of the place until I knew I was going to go to university there. I scoured the internet in search of all the information I needed, but I was soon disappointed when all I could find about the island was mainly focused on its touristic appeal. There was nothing that showed the lifestyle of the people. The only pictures I could find were of the beautiful sandy beaches and all the hotels in the island. I was suddenly worried that I was going to be thrown into some limbo populated mainly by Indians and tourists. This made me a little anxious but at the same excited by all the possibilities available.

All this to say that I have decided to make this blog to educate people on the country, showing them the lifestyle of an average student; in other words showing you life here on a tight budget. I’m looking forward to share all my adventures with you and I hope I’d inspire you to visit this little beautiful paradise.


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