​Hi loves, it’s been a long while hasn’t it? So basically half the year has gone by. I was so swamped with Uni I didn’t even notice how quickly time was flying. I’m still a bit shook when I think its already summer break. Well I guess that means I’ll be posting more frequently here *Hehe*.


 So Last weekend the Squaaaa and I went to this beautiful hotel up North to celebrate my room mates birthday (she’s the one with blonde braids). I just have to say I was very impressed given the fact that I only spent like rs 600 (which is like 12 GBP) for the day package. It included full access to the hotel’s pool, beach, wifi and it also included food which BTW was AMAZEBALLS!!!

 I wish I had some pictures to show you but we devoured it as soon as we were served. The service was on point too. We were honestly treated like royalty. It made me realize that there’s so much to do on this island before I leave for good. I’ve decided to more exploring. Look forward to the next posts. Have a nice day xx.


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