Home Again: Part III

Hey.  It’s another sunny day here in Mauritius and I’m almost done with exams!

This post marks the end of the ‘Home Again’ series.   It’s been a pleasure sharing my Christmas experience with you guys.

After our Kribi trip, we hurriedly packed our stuff for our stay in Limbe; the town of friendship. We were scheduled to attend a 50th wedding anniversary as well as spend New Year there. I’ve been to Limbe a couple of times but, if I’m honest, I haven’t explored it as thoroughly as I should have. Hopefully that’ll be an experience to share with you all some day in the near future.

During our stay there we stayed at the Atlantic Beach Hotel. Apparently it’s quite an old hotel but they recently refurbished their facilities and have made a quite a few improvements since the old days.  A number of new blocks have been constructed away from the main building (which, incidentally, was originally a clinic!) and they have been furnished to pretty high standard.  Work is still ongoing and there are plans to refurbish the main building, the restaurant and the swimming pool area.

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Home Again: Part II

What’s good, what’s popping people ?

You see what I just did? Consistency! I’m back like I never left, ready to give you part II of the ‘Home Again’ series. Hope you guys didn’t wait too long this time.

After my trip to Buea, my family and I hurried back to Douala to get ready for Kribi. My home girl Marquise wanted our families to spend a couple of days there especially since we hadn’t seen each other for like 4 years. Back in the day, my mom would organize these Kribi trips for a bunch of our friends, we’d rent this big beach house and just enjoy each other’s company and explore Kribi. We visited the Lobe waterfalls, the pygmy village, entered canoes and the whole shebang. Obviously after doing it 3 times the novelty of it all died, so this time we just wanted to veg out, take pictures and eat ourselves silly. Basically, potate around, I mean it was vacation.

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Home Again: Part I


Well hello again beautiful people,

Greetings from not so sunny Mauritius. For the past 3-4 days the island has been experiencing cyclone Berguitta, which in many ways has rendered my life rather troublesome.  The whole country is on lock down because of the ‘bad weather’, My exams got rescheduled, and, worst of all, the wi-fi has been PAINFULLY slow sis! Putting all that aside, I’ve managed to upload all the pictures of my trip and hope that you’ll enjoy this three-part series on my Christmas break in my home country Cameroon.

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Man’s Not Old… Yet!

Hello guys! I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where the heck I’ve been, and why I haven’t posted anything for a while now. Well, the truth is that I’ve been trying to find a new balance between school, blogging and my own social life in general. There is also the fact that procrastination is a demon I need to deal with, I’m still human ;). 

I recently turned 21 on the 5th of October!  And I am shook! It still hasn’t sunk in yet. I am now recognized as an adult everywhere around the world! Guys, it was a lot to process but hey, man’s not old… yet!!!! I realized my life has just begun and there’s so much ahead of me by God’s grace. I’ll let you know how it’s going when I hit 25. 

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Troux aux Biches Beach


I’m island bound again!! My stay in Cameroon came to an end just as my summer break was nearing it’s end. I have to say, I missed this place. There’s just a certain something about Mauritius that makes you yearn for it.

Since I hadn’t been around for about 2 months, my friends and I organised an impromptu trip to the beach. Mauritius is known for its numerous beautiful beaches but, so far,  I’d only been to  3 of them. So in order to widen my repertoire, I opted to go to Troux aux Biches located in the North West of Mauritius


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So I know it’s been a long minute since I posted and you must have wondered “where is this chick and what is she up to?”. Well let’s just say life happened. I had finals to prepare for, internships to find and a whole lot of stuff going on. But I do apologize for the lack of posts and I’ll try to improve on my frequency.

Nevertheless, I managed to procure an internship back in Cameroon, my home country, and I’ve been here for approximately 3 – 4 weeks. After holing up in my house for quite sometime, I decided that I was gonna explore my town a little bit more and document some of the places that I would recommend if you ever happened to come by. Continue reading

Voile Bleu

​Hi loves, it’s been a long while hasn’t it? So basically half the year has gone by. I was so swamped with Uni I didn’t even notice how quickly time was flying. I’m still a bit shook when I think its already summer break. Well I guess that means I’ll be posting more frequently here *Hehe*.


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